Services We Provide

* Consulting * Engineering * Project Management * Installation * Service Work

Sound Masking / Loudspeaker Paging: Atlas and Bogen Systems
Sound Masking installation and tuning. Office and industrial paging systems for all types of applications. IP connected systems and
speakers for multiple building sites. Service and retro-fit of existing systems.

LAN Cabling:
Voice and Data, CCTV/CATV, and Fiber Optic communications cabling and LAN connectivity for business customers large and small. Inside
and outside cabling including underground and aerial installations. All work compliant with ANSI/TIA/EIA standards.

Small to medium Digital systems. Large Nortel system MAC work, maintenance work, and peripheral equipment. System removal and
marketing of old systems that are replaced.

Cabling for IP and Analog security systems and cameras.

Consulting Services:
Consulting & Engineering services for all types of low voltage wiring and system installations.

Project Management:
Professional Services including time-line management, multiple vendor coordination, final inspections, and complete as-built
documentation of installed components.

Fire Stop Inspection / Installation: Hilti Systems
Latest available systems that provide compliant protection for your facility. Systems that prevent tampering while providing on-going access
for new cabling.

High speed LAN wiring, CATV wiring, routers, and DSL/Cable modem setup assistance, home stereo wiring.
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